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MAP was established in 1957 by a group of Queensland doctors discouraged by the lack of quality investment services offered for retirement saving through large financial institutions. After establishing operations, MAP's first member joined in June 1957. MAP held its first Annual General Meeting on 9 September 1958 and released the first annual report in 1959.

From humble beginnings, MAP has been able to grow the services it provides to members to include investment products for individuals and companies and self-managed super funds.

Past and Present Chairmen of MAP

MAP has been managed by many well respected members of the community. Their hard work and dedication to providing superior financial services for their industry and colleagues has enabled MAP to grow into the respected financial services provider it is today.

1963 - 1969 Dr Norman Sherwood - Chairman of Founders
1970 - 1983 Dr Norman (Vincent) Youngman - Chairman of Trustees
1970 - 1974 Dr Arthur Crawford - Chairman of Founders
1983 - 1991 Dr Arthur Crawford - Chairman
1991 - 1995 Dr Len Jackson - Chairman
1995 - 1999 Dr Ronald Wood - Chairman
1999 - 2005 Dr Bryan Todd - Chairman
2005 - 2014 Dr Peter Boys - Chairman

2014 - 2015 Mr Francis R. Cox - Chairman
2015 - Ms Karen Gibson - Chair
2016 - 2017 Mr Vincent Plant - Chairman

Effective April/May 2017 the MAP board retired as trustee, having made the decision to appoint Diversa Trustees Limited ABN 49 006 421 638, AFSL No 235153, APRA RSE Licence No L0000635 (Diversa) as trustee of the Plan. Diversa is a specialist trustee company and acts as trustee for over 25 superannuation funds with approximately $8 billion in funds under management.